A Swift & Click New Years

I was lucky enough to spend my 2012/13 New Years with a very rad group of friends! Taryn, Pedey, Ben and I all headed down to Mount Maunganui to enjoy the beach and sun, with Rach and Jared from Swift & Click Photography.

We had our own Mexican party at Rach and Jared’s beach side batch, before heading down to the beach to count in the New Year. I had so much fun and really enjoyed spending it with a close group of awesome friends! Check out these sweet photos that Jared took throughout the night.. Rach and Jared have so much photography talent it’s ridiculous! Make sure you head over to their Facebook Page to see their other work and book them for your next party!

What did you do for your New Year and who did you spend it with?

Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography Swift & Click Photography

Amazing Summer Christmas

My 2012 Christmas was all about family, food and fun in the sun! I had such an enjoyable time in Wanganui this Christmas with the most amazing weather! Here are some snaps from my family Christmas.

How did you spend your Christmas, and who with?Cute Kid

Family PhotographyChristmas Ham
Christmas Gifts Sisters Family Photo Amazing House Slip n Slide Fun Slip n Slide Fun Gorgeous Dinner Table Family Photography Slip n Slide Fun Slip n Slide Fun Slip n Slide Fun Slip n Slide Fun Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography Family PhotographyPhotos thanks to Mark Brimblecombe Photography and Ben Silcock.

Summer Outfit 2012

Although it is technically summer in New Zealand, it still isn’t that warm yet… This is a great outfit for all the bargain hunters – each of these items are under $100! My shirt is from Dotti, jacket from Wild Pair and leggings from Glassons! I love mixing patterns and bright colours – it’s such a fun look!

What do you think of this outfit?

Summer Outift


2012 Winter Outfit

The time has come in pull out the winter wardrobe in Wellington. I recently wore this outfit out on a date night with Ben. The Christmas inspired wool jersey dress I’m wearing is from Topshop.

I love Winter fashion, its my favorite season. I find big tailored coats and scarves so gorgeous. Whats your favorite fashion item for this Winter?

Autumn Outfit 2012

Every now and then my boyfriend Ben and I go for evening walks. We are both such busy people, but although we live together we can lose touch with what each other are up to. So we always make sure that at least once a week we do something together to have some quality time! Which was one of my 2012 Goals.🙂

The other night we decided to go for a walk around Wellington’s Waterfront because it’s super beautiful. I has started getting pretty cold in Wellington so I dressed up super warm. I ended up putting together a real mixed bag of brands, so I thought I would share another one of my Autumn Outfits with you.

Im wearing: Reebok boots, Insight Jeans, Ralph Lauren V-Neck and Burton 2012 Snowboard Jacket. What do you think?

Autumn Outfit 2012

Check out another one of my Autumn Outfits that I wore out a few weeks ago. I am really loving the “top button done up” look at the moment!

What do you think?

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My Weekend In Photos – Beach Hop 2012

Last weekend I was lucky enough to head to Whangamata for the 2012 Beach Hop. It was the first time I had every been. It was such an awesome event with amazing cars! I always enjoy my weekend away with Pedey and Taryn!🙂

So here is my Weekend In Photos! Enjoy!!🙂

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My Weekend In Photos – NZPC Hardpark Wellington 2012

Over the weekend NZPC and STM held the 2012 Wellington Hardpark. It was a great event with some really gorgeous cars! But for me the best part about Hardpark coming to Wellington meant that my good friends Pedey who is the editor of NZPC Magazine, and his fiancé Taryn who is the owner of world renowned blog got to stay with us for the weekend🙂

I had such a great weekend, I thought I would share it with you in photos!

These 2 photos above are Taryns. This is her new project car – Datsun 280z. To check out her latest post about it CLICK HERE

Saturday night we headed out for dinner and a night on the town🙂

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Nick Minaj’s Multiple Personalities – Which Is Your Favorite?

Nicki Minaj is at the top of her game right now and has a few multiple personalities that she uses in her music. So I want to know which one is your favorite? I love Nicki’s music, she has crazy talent. I have a lot of respect for woman that can rap and sing, and can do both as equally well.

Her 3 main personalities are Nicki, Barbie and Roman. Nicki is more street, Barbie is soft and sweet and Roman has bad ass attitude! They each have their own style and sound, so who is your favorite?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day in my mind is one of the more awkward gift giving holidays but is still one I love to celebrate for a few reasons.

  1. I LOVE giving gifts and spoiling people, especially my boyfriend!
  2. Valentine’s Day 2 years ago Ben and I started dating. Well the “One Month Limit” started then. For those of you that don’t know what the “One Month Limit” is, watch this space I will be blogging about it soon🙂

I have one rule for Valentine’s Day for the ladies… NEVER EVER send a guy flowers. They just don’t appreciate them and most guys feel totally emasculated getting flowers from their girl.

My advice is to use Valentine’s Day as a chance to spend some quality time with your other half. The consumer industry just wants you to spend spend spend, but nothing says I love you more than spending time together.

Its so easy to get caught up in the day to day busyness that it is so easy to forget to spend quality time together. If you live together just being around each other while you cook, clean and go about doing your evening tasks (In my case working on my blog) isn’t enough. Spending time together means removing the distractions and just focusing on each other. I am no relationship guru, but from what I have learnt from pervious experiences is that not communicating and spending time together will result in a relationship falling apart.

So here are a few ideas on things you could do without spending a lot of money:

  1. Pack a Picnic – put together some yummy snacks and head out to the beach or park to watch the sunset and the stars come out. (Don’t forget to back a blanket to wrap up in)🙂
  2. Massage – I’m not talking about a 5 minute massage, light some candles, put some rose petals on the bed.🙂 Make it a bit romantic.
  3. Cook Dinner – for those of you that live in New Zealand you know that our weather isn’t always permitting for doing things outdoors! So why not cook your partner’s favorite meal, light some candles, dim the lights and have a romantic dinner for two!
  4. Breakfast In Bed – everybody loves this, and it’s such a great way to start the day. It will have your other half leaving for work with a big smile on their face🙂
  5. Flowers – guys, girls love getting flowers. Especially getting them delivered while they are at work for everyone to see, it will make every girl feel special :) 

For those of you that haven’t found “Mr or Mrs. Right” don’t get caught up over it. Enjoy the  time you have doing things that you want and being able to commit all your time to friends and family.

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