illest L.A

So while in L.A I did a lot of shopping! But there is one store that needs a special mention. ILLEST!!! It is such an sick store and we all went a little crazy spending up large while we were there!

When we walked in the store, Yogi was behind the counter and he said “You guys sound like New Zealanders you must be Taryn’s friends!” (Thanks iheartstance for organizing the special treatment) πŸ™‚ Was so awesome to try on all there product after spending so much time drooling over it online!!

Yogi is super friendly dude! If you are ever in L.A you should pop in and see their ill store and say hello! πŸ™‚

Thanks Yogi for putting up with us while we picking our million stickers!! πŸ™‚

This is Yogi’s Honda Ruckus out side the L.A illest store.

…..Ben and I also went to the San Fran illest Store and got an illest floor mat. And Aston my cat will NOT get off it. He is one ill kitty!

4 Comments on “illest L.A

  1. Thanks girl for coming into the stores. Next time you’re more than welcome to come to the paddock which is only 15 min away from the SF store.

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