My 21st Part One

Over the weekend we did a road trip up to Wanganui for my first of 2 21st parties!

I had an amazing weekend! It was so great getting to see everyone! 🙂

Would like to say a huge thanks to Brittany, Ben and Bam for all your help! And of course Mum and Dad!! It wouldn’t have happened without you both! Love you 🙂

Thank you everyone for your gifts, and thank you so much to Saskia and Charlotte for making that awesome cupcake cake! It was so yum and all gone!

One of the cupcakes from Char and Sas!

Then the helium balloons got opened!

Poker Face – Lady GaGa

Waterfalls – TLC

Later on in the night we hit “town” in Wanganui! Haha

Of course we caused trouble!

By the end of the night we decided to walk from Stella to Macca’s on the way I turned a ATM into a DJ booth!

I think the photos explain everything!

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