Donatello Gets His Colour

Today I spent the afternoon at Bruce’s place doing the last bit of sanding on my bike to get it ready to be painted! My nails and skin on my hands are completely ruined but I don’t even care because the paint job looks awesome! Huge thanks to Bruce for doing such a fantastic job! I am soooo happy with it! πŸ™‚

The colour getting mixed!

It took quite a few coats of paint to get the bike totally covered and looking perfect! Apparently the paint I picked was rather thin!

A wee video of Bruce painting my handle bars!

Watching! πŸ™‚

The bike got a final gloss coat to give it an awesome shine!

Next up is the expensive part! Getting all my purple parts for the bike! I am so excited though, it is all coming along brilliantly! πŸ™‚

Ben finally picked a colour for his bike. Within the space of a few days he has gone from wanting grey to silver to orange to blue to finally deciding on purple! It is a sweet colour! It’s called Morpheus.

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