I have had my iPad for a few weeks now and it really is an amazing piece of technology! Although I have definetly found that it is a piece of technology that you don’t really need until you actually own it and wonder how you ever used to live life without it!

Here are a few photos of it and a few awesomely cool apps I have found for it. The only downside I have found with the app store for the iPad is that a lot of the apps that you can get for the iPhone are not available for the iPad.

It really is a very good looking device!

The cover for the iPad 2 is a great accessory! It is so multi purpose! 🙂

The Garage Band app is one of my favorite! It is so easy to use and you can play all sorts for different types of instruments. You can even sing into it and it will record you 🙂 I can often be a bit tight about spending money on apps but this one was totally worth the $6.49! haha.

Ok so this game really is a bit of a guilty pleasure! It is called Bloons TD4 HD! It is so simple but so fun! The aim of the game is to place super monkeys around the track to blow up the balloons before they reach the end of the track! … P.S. This is also an app you can get for your iPhone 🙂

This last app probably could be used for really useful things but I like to use it to do silly drawings! hehe 🙂

This is a drawing of Ben sitting on the toilet and using his iPad at the same time! Haha. Sometimes he gets so caught up in playing on his iPad he forgets he is actually still on the toilet!

Haha this is Ben and I going to the supermarket and me being pushed round in the trolley because 1) i HATE going to the supermarket. And 2) i am rather good at being a lazy bitch 🙂 (I feel i did a good job of depicting Ben‘s hair colour) 🙂

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